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Pereira, Covarrubias, Montes (PCM Abogados) is a boutique law firm made up of professionals with vast experience in their respective areas of law, both in the public and private sectors, allowing them to address highly complex legal issues. The office provides efficient, effective and personalized attention, this being one of its characteristics which is most appreciated by its clients.


PCM Abogados has a top tier network of contacts and correspondents abroad, responding to the needs of its globalized clients.

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Accounting services

We take care of keeping your accounting up to date so that you can make the right business
decisions based on accurate information.
Your only concern will be the growth of your business.


We are concerned that the obligations of the personnel under your charge are up to date.

Tax services

We assist with compliance of tax obligations for individuals and their companies in accordance with
the laws and administrative rulings.


Pereira | Covarrubias | Montes

PCM Abogados

Enrique Foster Sur 39, 8th Floor

Las Condes

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